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Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I have one year left of my university degree studying Sociocultural Anthropology, which covers religions, art forms, histories, languages, and core values of people globally. Modern or ancient, rare or familiar.... cultures fascinate me. I aim to take down harmful stereotypes and racial prejudice. My dream is to travel the world and spread cultural awareness while doing it. In the past I interned in Hawaii on the Big Island. There, I explored hikes and destinations of cultural importance, studied ancient legends, and got my first taste of the travel lifestyle. Aside from that experience, most of my knowledge comes from my university classes and other adventures I've pursued on my own - such as Chinese Calligraphy, Bachata, Balinese Gamelan, and Hula.


I recently completed my Ethnographic Field school in Seoul, South Korea! Read about my experiences as I explored life outside of the US for the first time!

What I'm Reading!

The Song Poet

This is an autobiography about Hmong identity and the experience of a ever-changing diaspora!

Dao de Ching

Read this important Chinese philosophical text, full of ancient sayings still applicable to everyday life!

Hawaiian Hula 'Olapa

Learn about traditional Hula and Chanting in this ethnography!

Cultural Insights to the Big Island of Hawaii

Get advise on tourism in Hawaii and what you should know about Hawaiian culture before you go! - I helped write this!

A Short History of Chinese Philosophy

Learn about Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism!

Korean shaman ritual music from Seoul

Learn about some of the origins of traditional Korean gugak music!


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out!

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